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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! HALO-8 Entertainment is an innovative transmedia entertainment company specializing in edgy cinema, genre graphic novels, midnight movies, music-driven lifestyle videos, and strange animation. Its most popular releases include award-winning arthouse films Threat, Pop Skull, Your Mommy Kills Animals, N.Y.H.C., indie-lifestyle DVDs Yoga For Indie Rockers, Vegan Cooking For Animal Lovers, cult movies Slumber Party Slaughterhouse: The Game, Punk Rock Holocaust, and animated series Godkiller, Xombie. Formed in 2005 by award-winning filmmaker Matt Pizzolo and Emmy-winning producer Brian Giberson as a film production-marketing-distribution studio, the company has grown to include a comic book/graphic novel publishing division, two DVD Premiere shingles (indie-lifestyle sublabel DiY-Fest Video and cult/exploitation sublabel UnitShifter Films), and fashion/branded-apparel division H8LA. HALO-8's film catalog is split roughly 50/50 between in-house productions and third-party acquisitions, although the upcoming slate is primarily focused on in-house transmedia productions.

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